Daxter Graineer

A sly rogue running from his troubled past



  • Strength – 15
  • Dexterity – 19
  • Constitution – 7
  • Intelligence – 15
  • Wisdom – 15
  • Charisma – 15


  • HP – 6
  • AC – 15


  • Athletics
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Perception (expert)
  • Stealth (Expert)
Saving Throws
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence

Notes from a interrogator’s scribe, the parchment covered in dried blood.

Interrogator: “Daxter, age 25, Male, White, Average height, weight, and features, worked as a locksmith for 6 months, dabbled in blacksmithing for a short time, and now you are sitting in a cold wooden chair being questioned about an assassination. I must ask, why turn down the road of a criminal? You were working honest jobs, being a good natured human. And yet for some reason you turn common killer. Why?”

Daxter: “Oh, its pretty easy to answer, my good sir. The pay was better, the people actually thanked me for my work, and you get to travel on another persons coin!”

Interrogator: “Sounds like the perfect job! If it didn’t land you in the dungeon.”

Daxter: “That’s only if you were found out.”

Interrogator: “And looks like you were, also we didn’t have to force a confession out of you.”

Daxter: “Not like I was trying to run, nor had anything to hide.”

Interrogator: “Is that why you came in without a fight?”

Daxter: "Of course, I mean what’s the easiest way to get into a secluded room with a man who has a 100 gold price on them? By the way, you can’t tie knots for sh-

Daxter Graineer

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